Ms Nicole Foster to represent Australia at the Lindau Nobel Laureate meetings

Identified as an outstanding early-career researcher, Nicole will attend the highly prestigious annual gathering of Nobel Laureates.

As one of just 10 young scientists selected, the delegates are part of a group of 660 young emerging scientists from around the world from 101 countries who will meet with 68 Nobel Laureates from the fields of chemistry, physics, and medicine and physiology, including Academy Fellows Professor Brian Schmidt and Professor Elizabeth Blackburn.

The meeting will provide an opportunity for the young scientists to share their research, experiences and ideas with and gain inspiration from fellow emerging scientists and Nobel Laureates.

The Australian delegation will be led by renowned Australian mathematician and Academy Fellow, Emeritus Professor Cheryl Praeger.

Ms Foster, who develops tools for the management and restoration of coastal plant communities facing climate change is supervised by Dr Jen Young and a number of the Environment Institute members including Professor Michelle Waycott, Dr Alice Jones and Professor Bronwyn Gillanders.

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