A/Prof Patrick O’Connor featured on ABC Radio National – the politics of trees

Late night chat on Radio National about politics, ecology and the economics of trees.

Phillip Adams from ABC’s Late Night Live spoke with Associate Professor Patrick O’Connor, an ecological economist at the University of Adelaide.

Patrick works at the The Centre for Global Food and Resources and is an Environment Institute member. Professor David Lindenmayer, Ecologist from the ANU’s Fenner School of Environment and Society was also interviewed by Phillip.

They spoke about how trees are an essential part of slowing climate change, by capturing carbon. David and Patrick agreed that Australia needs a national conversation about trees. There was also some criticism that good money, and good opportunities, have been wasted on some tree planting programs.

Listen to the interview now.

Read about the #20milliontrees movement and the research paper which Associate Professor Patrick O’Connor has been a part of.

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