ONLINE EVENT: What makes science good? Q&A with leading University of Adelaide scientists

As part of National Science Week 2020, the Public Engagement in Science and Technology Adelaide (PESTA) research cluster will be hosting an online Q&A event to discuss ‘What Makes Science Good?’. Join us as we consider ways of effectively engaging the public in scientific research.

DATE: Thursday 20 August 2020
TIME: 6:30pm – 8:30pm ACST 
REGISTER: For the Zoom event
TOPIC: What makes science good? How do we know who to trust? How can the public contribute to scientific research?

With the rise in science denial and public mistrust of science, it is increasingly important to find answers to these questions and develop effective ways of communicating scientific findings to the public. Professor Rachel Ankeny will lead the discussion of the evening.

Professor Frank Grützner will use the EchidnaCSI project as an example of how citizen science can be a powerful approach to advance scientific research, public engagement and education with the primary goal to produce tangible outcomes for species conservation.

Professor Veronica Soebarto and Dr Helen Barrie will share their experience in using citizen science to engage older people and the community more broadly in the co-design of public and green spaces.

Dr Kim Barbour will explore the notion of trust by discussing markers of expertise and relevance in online scientific discussions.

Professor Sean Connell will talk about the innate attraction of communicating optimism and the influence it can yield in driving positive change, not only by enhancing public engagement but also by encouraging effective collaboration among science, government, public and industry sectors.

Dr Ian Musgrave will discuss the concept of communicating risk in a time of uncertainty. He will consider the role of trust when information and responses evolve rapidly, using various drugs being tested for use against COVID-19 as examples.

A number of Environment Institute members will be presenting at this live event including Professor Connell, Professor Soebarto and Professor Grutzner.

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