ONLINE EVENT: join the Honours Seminars for Ecology and Evolution

Support the latest Ecology and Evolution mid-year honours students as they present online.

This seminar is open for all to join this week. It will be run via zoom and will cover an interesting and diverse range projects.
Date: Thursday 24th September
Where: Benham Meeting Room
When: 1:00pm – 4:30pm
Online: via Zoom. Please contact Damien Fordham by 1pm on Thursday for the Zoom link.
The schedule includes the following lineup. We look forward to seeing you on Zoom.
Time Student name Supervisor(s) Title
1:00 pm Alex Mason Prof Andrew Lowe Designing production landscapes: a new paradigm for the recovery of ecological function and services
1:15 pm Baillie Trenwith A/Prof Jeremy Austin Vocal Communication in Endangered Australian Macropod
1:30 pm Daniel Markos A/Prof David Paton

& Dr Steven Delean

Habitat use by the white-browed babbler in a modified landscape
1:45 pm Danielle Poulden Dr Kyle Armstrong Cranial Specialisations involved in echolocation in New Guinea leaf-nosed bats
2:00 pm Eric Inglis Dr Ramesh Raja Segaran Determining Almond tree structure with LIDAR
2:15 pm Luke Vial Prof. Justin Brookes Unlocking the recent climate history of the Flinders Ranges with dendrochronology of Callitris glaucophylla
2:30 pm Nicholas Wheeler Prof Megan Lewis Spatial variation of chlorophyll a within myponga reservoir
2:45 pm Rebekah O’Reilly Prof Sean Connell The Physiological Response of Oyster Larvae to Acoustic Cues, and its Potential Value to Reef Restoration
3:00 pm Victoria Love A/Prof Phill Cassey Uncovering the trade of Australia’s reptiles
3:15 pm Lachlan McLeod Prof Sean Connell Accelerating oyster reef restoration through positive interactions
3:30 pm Zak Wheaton Prof Sean Connell The value of sound for oyster restoration across heterogeneous habitats
3:45 pm Andreas Reuter Prof Sean Connell TBA
4:00 pm Ellen Kilpatrick A/Prof. David Paton Native grazing pressure: an investigation into the impact of kangaroo management on floral production and performance in Acrotriche depressa
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