EVENT: EchidnaCSI at Australian Citizen Science Association’s Online Conference

Ms Tahlia Perry will provide insights into combining ecology, genetics and microbiology with citizen science at CitSciOzOnline.

Ms Tahlia Perry, completing PhD student in the School of Biological Sciences, has been invited as one of only 13 speakers for the Australian Citizen Science Association’s Online Conference – CitSciOzOnline.

Date: Wednesday October 21st 2020
Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm ACST
Where: Watch online
Tickets: Book tickets now(Free to $20)

Ms Perry will present in the Connections and Partnerships Symposium and discuss the success of her Australia-wide citizen science project EchidnaCSI. Since the launch of EchidnaCSI in September 2017, this project has engaged thousands of the general public to submit echidna sightings and scat material in order to gain unprecedented insights into wild echidna populations across the country.

Tahlia will discuss how EchidnaCSI joins together various research fields such as ecology, genetics and microbiology in combination with citizen science to increase the knowledge surrounding the biology and health of wild echidnas. Tahlia will also discuss the partnerships formed between EchidnaCSI and Taronga and Perth Zoos to inform better captive management and breeding of echidnas.

About the event

The Environment Institute is a proud sponsor of CitSciOzOnline. CitSciOzOnline will be running every Wednesday evening for the month of October, with each week representing a different theme. You’re invited to hear about citizen science in disaster response (e.g. 2019/2020 bushfires and COVID-19), innovation in citizen science and discussing the topic of resilience.


Tickets are free to this event to make citizen science available to everyone. If you are able, Australian Citizen Science Association would welcome a small donation. Find out more about the CitSciOzOnline program.

Support our echidna research

Donations to EchidnaCSI will aid important research into echidna conservation, particularly Kangaroo Island post-fire recovery. Donation funds will go towards costs associated with molecular lab work, field work and increasing functionality of the EchidnaCSI app. Donate now.

Dr Peggy Rismiller observing echidna foraging for food in bushfire affected area.

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