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Could you imagine a world where volunteers kick-start campaigns that change the way we protect nature?

Growing up in a farming family along Adelaide’s River Torrens floodplains, fired Dr Jasmin Packer’s passion to discover better ways to protect nature. Dr Packer has been invited as one of only 13 speakers for the Australian Citizen Science Association’s Online Conference (CitSciOzOnline) and will present in the Innovation Stream. Join her on Wednesday October 28th to explore how South Australia’s roots in discovery and equity are driving innovation by citizen scientists with scientists – and what we can learn from the Inspire. Innovate. Impact. principles underpinning these projects.

Innovating for a better world: kick-starting a conversation on principles for innovation in citizen science

Date: Wednesday October 28th 2020
Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm ACST
Where: Watch online
Tickets: Book tickets now (Free to $20)

Dr Jasmin Packer is a Research Fellow in The University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute, Vice President of Fungimap Inc., Australia’s national NGO for our native fungi, and Co-Founder of iBandi, a creative little pop-up citsci project designed for endangered bandicoots in novel habitats. Together with PhD Candidate, Matt Bowie, she is also discovering new ways to engage citizen scientists as Co-Convener of University of Adelaide’s Ecology and Evolution Seminar Series. But most of all, Dr Packer is passionate about finding better ways to protect our most threatened communities and species.

Citizen science has a rich history of breaking new scientific ground in Australia and internationally. Every citizen science project creates its own unique take on tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems in innovative and inclusive ways. The Innovation Stream of ACSAOnline2020 will showcase speakers who have used innovative citizen science to address a question, barrier, or challenge.

Dr Jasmin Packer will present in the Innovation Symposium on principles for innovation in citizen science. Demonstrating innovation in action, this session will weave together stories and insights from some of University of Adelaide’s most experienced citizen scientists (award-winning Wild Orchid Watch founders, Robert and Rosalie Lawrence) to one of our emerging scientists innovating new frontiers in citizen science (Wendy Warren, iBandi). iBandi builds on Dr Packer’s discovery that blackberry can play an important role as ‘next best’ habitat for endangered southern brown bandicoots, and aims to better protect bandicoots by discovering more habitat. These curious creatures use impenetrable blackberry thickets if there’s no suitable native vegetation. We’re looking for habitat they could use – with a bit of help.

Innovation Stream speakers will be available after their presentations to answer your questions on designing and innovating for citizen science.

About the event

The Environment Institute is a proud sponsor of CitSciOzOnline. CitSciOzOnline will be running every Wednesday evening for the month of October, with each week representing a different theme. You’re invited to hear about citizen science in disaster response, innovation in citizen science and discussing the topic of resilience.


Tickets are free to this event to make citizen science available to everyone. If you are able, Australian Citizen Science Association would welcome a small donation. Find out more about the CitSciOzOnline program.

Support iBandi

Donations to iBandi helps Adelaide Hills’ citizen scientists, find food and shelter for endangered bandicoots.


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