Research Tuesdays – Notifications from Nature with Prof Andy Lowe

We’re delighted to have our member Professor Andy Lowe speaking at this popular series.

Digital technology is pulling us away from nature, the allure of screens entrancing young and old the world over. However ironically, it’s also becoming one of the environment’s most valuable allies.
Date: Tuesday 10th November 2020
Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm ACST
Register: Zoom
Advanced tech is transforming the way we monitor and manage the natural world—and our impact on it. It’s big business too; in 2017, the global environmental technologies market was valued at US$1.12 trillion.

Underpinning important elements of this activity is research led by the University of Adelaide. Our teams are developing technology to monitor habitat clearance, prevent illegal logging, manage water systems and track entire ecosystems’ health.

In this uplifting presentation, Professor Andy Lowe will speak about what we’re doing, where, and how it’s helping.

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