VIDEO: #CitSciOzOnline with Tahlia Perry and Dr Jasmin Packer

Researchers from the Environment Institute share their success in citizen science.

Dr Jasmin Packer and Tahlia Perry have a diverse and varied background engaging with the public to benefit research and help save endangered species of flora and fauna.

Ph.D. Candidate Tahlia Perry from Echidna CSI spoke to #CitSciOzOnline in​ Connections and Partnership about “Echidna CSI – Combining Citizen Science, Ecology and Molecular Biology for Conservation of Echidnas”. 

Echidnas are iconic egg-laying mammals that can be found anywhere in Australia. In order to gain more information about their distribution and biology and to help their conservation we established the Echidna Conservation Science Initiative (EchidnaCSI) at the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute. To help continue this vital work, consider giving today.

Watch Tahila’s presentation below.


Dr. Jasmin Packer, Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute, has been involved with several citizen science projects including Fungimap. Where fungi is recorded and mapped in Australia. Fungimap spreads the word about the essential role of fungi in biodiversity. They advocate for fungal conservation and investment in mycology using the iNaturalist App. If you would like to join in and help with this work, visit joinsubscribedonate, or sponsor a species.

Watch Jasmin’s video below.

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