Environment Institute Members showcased in upcoming Ecology and Evolution Autumn Series

Professor Hugh Possingham will lead a well-respected group of EI researchers in the online series.

We’re delighted our members continue to focus on how the University of Adelaide is finding solutions to key problems in the fields of ecology and evolution. The Autumn 2021 series theme is ‘Blueprints for action’ with seminars beginning at 3pm Adelaide time, ACDT. Register now to attend these workshops.

Friday March 5, 2021

How might conservation science drive change-making policies? In this distilled collection of tips and tools for researchers, Hugh offers insight into the critical intersection of science and government. Queensland’s Chief Scientist presents a ‘must see’ for everyone working to transform science into action.

How do you choose what’s for dinner, the clothes you wear, or the way you travel? Many of the threats facing biodiversity result from our choices but changing our behaviour is easier said than done. Bowie will offer insights from his PhD on sustainable coffee and consumer behaviour change.

Friday May 7, 2021

  • Dr Alice Jones, Industry Research Fellow – University of Adelaide / Department for Environment and Water

Alice’s research focuses on mitigating climate change through protecting & restoring coastal ecosystems. She holds a joint position between the University & DEW. This allows her to bridge the gap between ecological research & the evidence-based management of South Australia’s ecosystems & species.

  • Dr Nick Gellie, Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) – Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

Nick is a research fellow who works for the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN). Nick has worked with a broad range of partners in Australia and abroad in research that has predominantly been focussed on determining the optimal genetic resources needed to restore degraded landscapes.

  • Professor Rachel Ankeny, Agrifood Program Leader – Stretton Institute, Uni of Adelaide

Rachel is an interdisciplinary teacher and scholar across history and philosophy of science, bioethics and science policy, and food studies. She is well-recognised as a scholar who translates academic findings in ways that are relevant for stakeholders and the broader community.

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As our environmental scientists work hard to identify key targets for conservation in a world of trade-offs, can their discoveries translate to change-making policies? Join the online series as researchers explore the challenges and emerging frontiers of informing governments in evidence-based policy for environmental action.

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