SEMINAR – Dr Katja Hogendoorn speaks at The Waite Research Institute

Environment Institute member, Dr Katja Hogendoorn will present ‘Pollination in protected cropping’ at the next Waite Research Institute Seminar.

Join us for exciting seminar. Dr Hogendoorn is a member of the Environment Institute.

Date: Thursday 10th June 2021
Time: 12:00pm
Location: Charles Hawker Building, Waite Road, Urrbrae

Bookings: Eventbrite

Abstract: Horticultural crops are increasingly grown in protected environments which saves water, and can protect the crop from abiotic and biotic damage.

However, the covers can substantially reduce pollination services. The seminar will discuss some of the problems that bees encounter when placed in protected environments, and present some of our recent results regarding modifications in the cropping environment that can assist in overcoming these issues.

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