Dr Dominic McAfee receives University Award for Outstanding Achievement

Dr Dominic McAfee has been recognised not only for his significance contribution to the University, but also for how he exemplifies the University of Adelaide values.

We are delighted to announce that he has received the Excellence in Research Award for an early-career researcher.

As a University Research Associate in the School of Biological Sciences. Dominic has published 13 first author papers and is an emerging leader in research at the interface of environmental science and policy. He recently received a Young Tall Poppy Award and a prestigious Eureka Prize for Applied Environmental Research.

His research focuses on improving the way we restore marine habitats, including strategies to accelerate the rate of restoration. Much of his field research occurs on South Australia’s two shellfish reef restorations: Windara Reef – Australia’s first large-scale reef restoration (20 hectare), and Glenelg Reef (construction Nov 2020).

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