Launch of Professor Sarah Wheelers’ book – Water Markets: A Global Assessment

National Water Week aims to inspire individuals, communities and organisations to build awareness around the value of water and this years’ event was a University of Adelaide success.

The Environment Institute hosted a special water event with the official book launch of Professor Sarah Wheeler’s book: Water Markets: A Global Assessment.

Keynote speaker, Honourable Malcolm Turnbull, joined the event via zoom and gave an introduction and overview to water policy in Australia, sharing his experience as water minister. Guest presenter Sandy Losefellis provided a heartfelt, real life case study of how farmers’ use water markets and with Federal Greens senator, Sarah Hanson-Young attended, having a long-standing commitment in trying to solve water issues in Australia.

Image: Honourable Malcolm Turnbull

Professsor Wheelers’ book coincides with the importance water has in addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Water is intrinsically linked to many targets and outcomes across most of the goals, understanding the tools available to address both current and future water scarcity is essential.

“Water markets are a demand management tool that can be used to help allocate water, albeit they remain controversial with little understanding of where, when and how they can be applied in many countries.” Professor Sarah Wheeler

Professor Sarah Wheeler signing her new book – Water Markets: A Global Assessment

Exploring water scarcity issues in light of the growing crisis in global water management, water policy practitioners and experts applied a water market framework in 28 regions, 20 countries and 6 continents around the world to assess the applicability of water markets. The book provides guidance as to the reforms needed to progress water markets across the world.

Image: Professor Sarah Wheeler and Sarah Hanson-Young

The Women in Economics Network, Water Research Centre and Environment Institute were proud to sponsor the event.

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