VIDEO: iBandi video released from the SA Science Excellence and Innovation Awards 2021

Researchers and citizen scientists from iBandi are delighted to have their explainer video released this week.

The iBandi video as was shown at the SA Science Excellence and Innovation Awards as the team were finalists for 2021.

iBandi aims to connect citizen scientists with scientists to find, share, and prioritise unoccupied blackberry habitat within bushland for endangered bandicoots.

They are investigating how citizen scientists can help to improve bandicoot protection by discovering more blackberry habitat for potential future translocations. Scientists want to discover new habitats that are suitable for translocating healthy bandicoots to increase their range.

This extended distribution, of more patches over a bigger area, may ultimately save the species from being wiped out by natural disasters, such as catastrophic bushfires, in our Adelaide Hills.

What is the iBandi Project?

iBandi supports Adelaide Hills’ citizen scientists find food and shelter for endangered bandicoots by using the iNaturalist App on their phone.

Downloading the iNaturalist App
These dynamo diggers currently have a limited range within parts of the Adelaide Hills, which makes them vulnerable to natural disasters like bushfires. Researchers are hunting for big pockets of blackberry within bushland – but need your help to locate them.

By downloading the iNaturalist  App, you can join the ‘iBandi’ Project and record your findings.

iBandi would like to send a special thanks to:

  • Randy Larcombe and team for it’s creation
  • Wendy Warren and Dr Jasmin Packer for featuring in the video
  • The Prospect Hill Bushland Group for starring and shining the light on the way forward for iBandi

Many thanks also to the iBandi team of Amelia Hurren (Trees for Life), Anthony Abley (NPWS), Jason Van Weenen (Green Adelaide), and Luke Price (Landscapes SA Hills and Fleurieu) for co-designing and supporting iBandi with their generous input of ideas and enthusiasm.

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