ARC Success for Environment Institute

Congratulations to our Environment Institute members who have been awarded over $2.8M across five ARC Discovery Projects and two ARC LIEF Project.

The 2022 Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects awarded to Environment Institute members include:

Professor Bronwyn Gillanders, School of Biological Sciences, will investigate how to enhance population stability of fish despite volatile environmental conditions. $509,000.

Professor Veronica Soebarto the School of Architecture and Built Environment and Professor Dino Pisaniello in the School of Public Health will advance knowledge about housing design and indoor environment to improve the wellbeing of older people with low socioeconomic status in South Australia. $375,000.

Associate Professor Diego García-Bellido from the School of Biological Sciences will lead a team to investigate the world’s oldest faunal succession in the fossil record by determining the presence and extent of a sedimentary gap, and confirming the role of time in the control of fossil distribution. $488,000.

Professor Christian Doonan & Professor Chris Sumby from the School of Physical Sciences will lead a team to develop new industrial catalysts. $476,000.

Dr Abel Santos from the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials will lead a team to develop advanced materials for the next generation of integrated circuits, bio-interfacial sensors, and energy generators. $420,000.

Associate Professor Alec Zuo and Professor Sarah Wheeler from the School of Economics and Public Policy will investigate the impacts of changing water ownership and reforms on Australian water markets. $234,878.

The 2022 Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment & Facilities funding awarded to Environment Institute members are:

Professor Alan Collins (School of Physical Sciences) and Professor Bronwyn Gillanders (School of Biological Sciences)Mass spectrometry for mass geochronology. This project aims to establish a new facility for developing and applying novel geochronological and geo/biochemical techniques to a diverse range of rock and mineral samples. Expected outcomes of the project are an enhanced understanding of Earth evolution over geological time, improved tracing of marine ecosystems, and increased knowledge of the formation and localisation of metal-rich ore bodies needed for modern society. $389,526

Associate Professor Kate Sanders; Adjunct Professor Andrew Austin; Professor Steven Cooper; Professor Michelle Waycott; Associate Professor Jeremy Austin (School of Biological Sciences).Enhancing the SA Regional Facility for Molecular Ecology & Evolution. This project seeks to enhance and upgrade the equipment of the South Australian Regional Facility for Molecular Ecology & Evolution. This enhanced capacity will also provide significant benefits for students, by providing cutting-edge training that keeps them at the forefront of technological advances in genome sequencing. $361,354

More details about the 2022 Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects and Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities are available including a full list of all the researchers involved in each project.

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