Dr Alice Jones appointed lecturer in Resilience Ecology

We are delighted to announce Environment Institute member Dr Alice Jones, has been appointed to the position of lecturer in Resilience Ecology.

Dr Jones completed her PhD at the University of Southhampton, a Masters at Kings College London and her Bachelors degree at the University of Manchester, all in the United Kingdom. She was a Research Scientist in the United Kingdom before moving to Australia and the University of Adelaide where she completed postdoctoral positions in several research labs in the School of Biological Sciences.

She is an ecologist with a special interest in the impacts of environmental change on marine and coastal systems. Dr Jones is motivated to work on projects with real-world applications, which improve our understanding of how species and ecological communities respond to change, so that they may better managed and protected. Having had a joint position at the University of Adelaide and the SA Department for Environment and Water (Science Partnerships Team) has allowed her to bridge the gap between university research and the management and conservation of South Australian ecosystems.

Most of her research is focused on the effect that human activities and environmental change have on the distribution and function of populations, communities and ecosystems – and the impact that this has on their ability to persist in our changing environment. She is driven to undertake research that has social benefits in terms of supporting healthy, diverse ecosystems for people to enjoy in the future, and supporting the sustainable and resilient provision of ecosystem services. Dr Jones approaches research in a very collaborative way, having developed many partnerships across government (state and federal), NGOs and industry, as well as with other academics across Australia and internationally.

Most recently, Dr Jones was one of the University’s Tall Poppy Science Award winners last year.

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