Professor Andrew Lowe appointed interim director of Environment Institute

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Andrew (Andy) Lowe into the position of interim Director of the Environment Institute.

Professor Lowe will work alongside the Institute Manager, Theme Leaders and Environment Institute Management Committee to oversee a transition phase and maintain core activities of the Institute. He looks forward to understanding current research capabilities and opportunities within the Institute, whilst collaborating with members and stakeholders to ensure its future.

Professor Lowe is an innovative research leader with over 10 years senior experience in university, government, start-up industry and community sectors. He brings high energy and instils infectious enthusiasm into teams and groups he engages with. He is a current theme leader of Sustainable Landscapes & Future at the Environment Institute.

We would like to acknowledge former director, Professor Bob Hill for his tireless work and dedication to the Environment Institute over the past decade. He has consistently formed and strengthened relationships with external stakeholders, as well as developed internal partnerships between members and the University, which have proven to be instrumental in the Institutes’ research success and performance. We wish him the very best for the future.

Image: Professor Bob Hill


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