Eureka Prize 2022 Finalists

Congratulations to Fungimap Inc and the Extreme Heat and Health Adaptation Team who have been announced as finalist in the 2022 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes.

Find out more about these teams below.

Category: Innovation in Citizen Science

Fungimap Inc is a finalist in the Innovations in Citizen Science category. Fungimap Inc is highlighting the irreplaceable role of Australia’s fungi in our ecosystems and advocating for conservation and investment.


Community in the field observing fungi. Photo: Nelson Da Silva

Most Australian macrofungi are yet to be discovered and formally named, but the environmental organisation Fungimap Inc. is changing this. Its Australia-wide network of citizen scientists, supported by ecologists and mycologists, have observed and mapped thousands of species, uncovered endangered species, and increased understanding of why fungi are irreplaceable for our ecosystems. Their mission is to protect the most threatened species under federal law.  


So next time you’re out and about and you see fungi, why not record what you’ve observed in the ‘Fungimap Australia’ project on the iNaturalist app and become a part of the increasing wave of citizen scientists. 


Fungimap Inc is a partnership between Murraylands and Riverland Landscape BoardRoyal Botanic Gardens Victoria and the University of Adelaide. The University of Adelaide team is led by Fungimap Inc. Vice President and Environment Institute’s Research Fellow Dr Jasmin Packer.


Category:  Eureka Prize for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Scientific Research

The Extreme Heat and Health Adaptation Team is a finalist in the Eureka Prize for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Scientific Research. The team led by Environment Institute’s Prof. Peng Bi and also includes Environment Institute’s Prof. Dino Pisaniello.

Over the past century, extreme heat has killed more Australians than any other natural hazards combined. Heatwaves are becoming more frequent and intense, posing significant health risks for Australians, particularly the elderly and chronically ill. Researchers collaborated with government  agencies and migrant communities to develop and implement an innovative heat health warning system for the community. The team found that communicating these warning messages can reduce the likelihood of heat-related illnesses and injury and improve workplace safety during heatwaves.

The Extreme Heat and Health Adaptation Team


Winners will be announced at an Award ceremony on Wednesday 31 August 2022.

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