Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia announces new Fellow

Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia announces 34 new Fellows. Congratulations to the Environment Institute’s Professor Peng Bi from School of Public Health who was elected as a new Fellow.  

The social sciences focus on understanding and influencing the social world. They include the disciplines of anthropology, demography, geography, linguistics, sociology, criminology, management, accounting, economics, marketing, statistics, history, law, philosophy, political science, education, psychology, and public health

For 50 years, research and advice from Fellows of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia have helped shape the nation. In troubled times and in boom times Fellows are called on by Australia’s leaders to advise on government policy and apply themselves to the most challenging problems facing society. Their work helps all of us to better understand what it is to be human and to participate in our society and shape its institutions. – Academy President Professor Richard Holden.

Professor Bi’s main research interest is the environmental health, climate change, infectious diseases, emergency public health event response and population health. His research into the impact of climate change on population health is world-leading. 

His most significant contributions to the field are his research work on climate change and its impact on population health including both communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases, both in Australia and overseas. He has established a track record and publications in the field of communicable diseases, particularly those which are climate sensitive such as food borne diseases, mosquito borne diseases and rodent borne diseases. His recent research activities focus on climate change adaptation in vulnerable communities. He also undertakes research projects in One Health area.

Check out Prof. Bi and the other 33 new Fellows in this video.

ASSA Media release.

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