SURVEY: Bandicoot habitat along Brownhill and First Creeks

Southern brown bandicoots are the last of eight bandicoot species in this region but are nationally endangered.

Do you live near bandicoot habitat along Brownhill or First Creeks?

We invite you to undertake this survey to help us understand how people’s connection with nature, and property management, might influence where these endangered bandicoots and other wildlife live along your valley. This will help us to better understand the connections between people and wildlife in outer-city environments.

University of Adelaide and our Advisory Group (local residents and project partners) will share the findings in a community report, and use them to plan the next stage: co-designing community action(s) to test whether the habitat and distribution of endangered bandicoots can be expanded along your valley. The results may also be used by the University of Adelaide for research purposes and shared at academic conferences or in journals.

Survey ends Monday 16 January 2023.

For more information contact:

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