Environment Institute at WOMAD’s Planet Talk

The Adelaide Parklands will come alive in March with the sounds of world music and the chatter of inspiring speakers tackling major planetary challenges at WOMADelaide.

The Environment Institute is delighted to announce that it will be presenting the Saturday, 11 March session of ‘The Planet Talks’, an ecological and conversational forum, at WOMADelaide 2023.
Across the three days of ‘The Planet Talks’, prominent thinkers, activists, scientists, and leaders will participate in lively and thought-provoking debates about the challenges that affect our planet and possible solutions.

Environment Institute Members Prof Peter Burdon, A/Prof Phil Cassey, Prof Sarah Wheeler and Dr Alice Jones will present across three sessions: ‘Natural rights’, ‘Can seaweed save the world?’ and ‘Crimes against nature’.

Natural Rights – Saturday 11 March

People assign themselves rights over nature all the time.  The right to extract, or the right to protect.  But what happens when you give nature its own rights?   What happens when we extend human rights to the earth?

When policy fails, can the legal system step in?  What if rivers had human rights? Join Community leader, advocate and scholar Anne Poelina, legal scholars Erinn O’Donnell and Peter Burdon on recognising personhood in the ecology around us.

Can seaweed save the world? – Saturday 11 March

With thousands of kilometres of coastline, a tradition of seaweed use going back thousands of years, increasing demand for sustainable foods and products, and the capacity to contribute to regenerating ecosystems, is Australia ready to take advantage of this opportunity?  In the Blue Economy, something as simple as seaweed could provide new opportunities for regional communities as well as climate solutions. Featuring entrepreneur Steve Meller and marine researchers Alice Jones and Catriona Macleod, hosted by ABC 891s breakfast presenter Nikolai Beilharz.

Crimes against nature – Monday 13 March

Stealing water, illegal logging, smuggling animals and plants – there are some pretty terrible things that humans do. But who is there to hold them to account?  And who makes the rules? Join water economist Sarah Wheeler, ecologist Phill Cassey and environmental lawyer Emma Carmody with host, Ruby Jones as they delve into how we can fight crimes against nature.

Find out more about the Planet Talks and the WOMADelaide program.

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