PODCAST: Water: too much, too little, too dirty

Water is finally back on the global table after 46 years of not being discussed at a global scale conference.  Conservation, salinity, pricing, agriculture, cultural use – the list goes on.  Is the subject of ‘water rights’ at risk of getting lost in an endless talk fest?  Where do we start when trying to come up with solutions to the many water issues we face on a local and global scale?  What even are ‘water rights’?

In the latest Eco Futurists podcast episode, host Prof Andy Lowe, Interim Director of the Environment Institute, speaks with Assoc Prof Peter Burdon and Prof Sarah Wheeler, both from the University of Adelaide.  Sarah is a water economist from the School of Economics and Public Policy, and Peter is an expert in environmental law from the Adelaide Law School.

Here is a snippet of the discussion:


Listen to the full episode here:–too-little–too-dirty-e23doak/a-a9p5

Lead image: (from L to R) Professor Andy Lowe, Professor Sarah Wheeler, Assoc Professor Peter Burdon

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