Natural Hazards Research Australia ECR Development Fellowships

Drs Amelie Jeanneau and Phillipa McCormack were recently the proud recipients of the Natural Hazards Research Australia Early Career Research Fellowships. This follows Dr McComack’s success in receiving a Fellowship in 2022.

Dr Amelie Jeanneau is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Her research lies in the assessment of the relative suitability (e.g. risks, opportunities) and potential to apply different types of fuel management activities (e.g. planned burning, mechanical fuel load reduction, grazing, etc.) in reducing future wildfire risk. Dr Jeanneau’s Fellowship project aims to identify the challenges, knowledge and successes faced by fire managers around collaborative planning and implementation of bushfire risk reduction strategies to build more resilient management practices in Australia. She plans to travel to Portugal to meet with experts in community-centred methods for landscape-scale bushfire risk reduction strategies, assess whether this concept can be applied in an Australian context and co-design and deliver a participatory workshop to define best practices for effective collaborative risk reduction strategies.

Dr Phillipa McCormack is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Adelaide Law School. Her research focuses on climate change adaptation in Australia, including the effects of climate change on biodiversity and on intensifying bushfire regimes, and the role of law and policy in facilitating climate adaptation. Dr McCormack’s Fellowship project is designed to build a community of researchers and interested stakeholders who share the goal of developing more adaptive, future-oriented bushfire laws, policies and strategies. She plans to design and launch a new website that collects and presents existing knowledge and expertise about law and policy for adaptation-oriented bushfire prevention, preparation, response and recovery, and will use the new website as a hub for a Wildfire Law and Policy Network. The Network will help to enhance the effectiveness and climate-adaptiveness of Australia’s bushfire mitigation and hazard reduction laws by creating a space to test ideas about legal reform, translate cutting-edge science into legal and policy impact and support the development of early- and mid-career researchers in legal and governance research.

This is an extract from the Natural Hazards Research Australia media release.

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