PODCAST: Sowing the seeds for the future of health, resilience, and environmental protection

The natural world has a powerful impact on our lives, from our experiences as children right through to adulthood. But how do we stay connected and replenish our ‘nature reserves’? How can we find the time in our increasingly busy lives to ensure that we’re getting the full benefits of nature and fill our ‘nature cup’?

Listen to this latest EcoFuturist podcast as Professor Andy Lowe chats about these thoughts and more with Human Geographer Professor Melissa Nursey-Bray, Deputy Director of the Institute of Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER), and Dr Mark Kohler, Senior Lecturer School of Psychology, both at the University of Adelaide.

Hear a snippet of the conversation below:


Listen to the full episode here: Sowing the seeds for the future of health, resilience and environmental protection.


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Lead image (l-r): Professor Andy Lowe, Dr Mark Kohler and Professor Melissa Nursey-Bray.

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