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ABC Adelaide interviews Assoc. Prof. Diego García-Bellido

A love and dedication to South Australian fossils will be shared at Science in the Pub. This week, Diego was interviewed by David Bevan about the upcoming, sold out Science in the Pub event he will be speaking at. He says the lack of forest in South Australia allows the exposure of rocks, making our state the perfect place […]

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Emu Bay Shale Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Excavation Reveals Two New Organisms!

The Environment Institute’s Associate Professor Diego García-Bellido (@DGarcia-Bellido) from the Sprigg Geobiology Centre has just returned from another successful excavation of the Emu Bay Shale, the 515 million-year-old fossil site in Kangaroo Island. This season’s dig has produced new specimens of exquisitely-preserved Anomalocaris fossil eyes, and at least two new organisms, which are awaiting scientific description. […]

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World’s First Super Predator Had Remarkable Vision

Palaeontologists have discovered exceptionally preserved fossil eyes of the top predator in the Cambrian ocean over 500 million years ago – the fearsome metre-long Anomalocaris. The international team behind this discovery includes ACEBB researcher, Dr. Michael Lee (SA Museum and University of Adelaide) as well as Adelaide researcher Dr. Jim Jago (SA Museum and UniSA), […]

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