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Protecting Australia’s marine biodiversity

Meet research scientist Dr Sarah Catalano, featured in the University of Adelaide’s new research blog. Sarah’s research relates to marine parasitology and molecular evolution. Her PhD undertaken at the University of Adelaide has added an abundance of knowledge about the little known dicyemid faunal composition and ecology.¬†She has formally described 10 new dicyemid species from […]

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Doctoral Research Medal winners

The Environment Institute congratulates Dr Sarah Catalano, Dr Owen Burnell and Dr Simon Divecha on winning Adelaide University Doctoral Research Medals. The University awards up to 15 Doctoral Research Medals for the highest quality PhD theses examined each year. Two of the four science University Research Medalists from 2014 were from the Marine Biology Group. […]

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Marine Biologist Dr Sarah Catalano wins research awards

The Environment Institute congratulates Dr Sarah Catalano on winning numerous 2014 research awards. In January 2014 Sarah was awarded the Dean’s Commendation in Doctoral Thesis Excellence for her PhD project: Using mesozoan dicyemid paracites to infer the population structure of giant Australian cuttlefish, sepia apama, in southern Australian waters. Only candidates who have produced a […]

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