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Research Tuesdays: Mission Mammal

From the lions of the Serengeti to the blue whales of the Southern Ocean, mammals dominate our planet. But their future’s far from assured. Many species now require urgent conservation—and here in Australia we have a critical role to play. Date: Tuesday 13 August 2019 Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm Location: The Braggs Building, The University […]

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Fossil find uncovers our ancient past

The ancient history of Earth is always fascinating. The fossil record shows creatures that once roamed, habitats that are now lost and describe an Earth that is both foreign and familiar. Research that uncovers more about our ancient land are compelling, like the latest from Dr Diego Garcia-Bellido. Garcia-Bellido and co-workers uncovered fossils in South Australia, […]

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Free eBook explores the Ediacaran fossils of the Flinders Ranges

The discovery of fossils at Ediacara, Flinders Ranges changed our understanding of geology and now, a new e-book uncovers the mysteries of this important discovery. The e-book, entitled Ediacaran Fossils of the Flinders Ranges, was developed by the South Australian Museum, aided by the University of Adelaide’s Felicity Coutts. Readers will discover the process of fossilisation, […]

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