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Ancient DNA unravels Europe’s genetic diversity

Ancient DNA recovered from a time series of skeletons in Germany spanning 4,000 years of prehistory has been used to reconstruct the first detailed genetic history of modern-day Europeans. The study, published today in Science, reveals dramatic population changes with waves of prehistoric migration, not only from the accepted path via the Near East, but […]

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Genographic Project Results

Listen to Prof Alan Cooper reveal the results from a recent Genographic Project event held in Adelaide. The Genographic Project results were ‘revealed’ to participants last Tuesday 7 December at an event held at the Science Exchange, RiAus. Listen to Prof Alan Cooper and Dr Wolfgang Haak (University of Adelaide) and visiting Prof Carles Lalueza-Fox […]

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The Genographic Project

Have you ever wondered where you come from? Ever been accused of resembling some of the less savoury types in the animal kingdom? Well you can now find out, the University of Adelaide and the Royal Institute of Australia are hosting a public campaign in Adelaide that allows residents to explore their ancient ancestry as […]

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