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Professor Peng Bi joins expert panel, urging government to adopt ‘Go now, go hard and go smart’ strategy

Group of Eight universities have recommended the government take quick, decisive action to stop the spread of COVID-19. Professor Peng Bi is one of two University of Adelaide representatives, to report the coronavirus advice of a panel of experts from Group Of Eight universities. Based in Public Health, Professor Peng Bi’s primary research interest is the […]

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ARC Grants Announced with EI Members

We’re delighted to announce our Environment Institute members will receive funding with ARC grants. In this round we have eight members (and their associates) included on round 1 for 2020. See all of the announcements for ARC funding here. ARC Discovery Projects 2020 DP200102328 Dr Emma Sherratt with Flinders University – Snake fangs: insights into […]

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Not all green spaces made the same, quality needs to be high for health benefits

An Australia-wide study of connections between environments and respiratory health, led by PhD Student Craig Liddicoat and published in Journal of Environmental Management, has found that living in the vicinity of biodiverse environments is strongly associated with a lowered incidence of respiratory disease.  The paper also included Environment Institute researchers, Profs Peng Bi, Michelle Waycott, Andrew Lowe […]

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