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New Paper published in Science

A new paper involving Environment Institute member Barry Brook as well as Susan Rule (Australian National University & James Cook University), Simon Haberle (Australian National University), Chris Turney (University of New South Wales), Peter Kershaw (Monash University) and Christopher Johnson (University of Tasmania) has recently been published in the journal Science. The paper titled ‘The […]

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Resilience to Blooms – Published in Science

Justin Brookes, Director of the Water Research Centre at The University of Adelaide, and Caylean Carey have had an article published in Science today. The article is titled ‘Resilience to Blooms’ Science 7 October 2011: Vol. 334 no. 6052 pp. 46-47 DOI: 10.1126/science.1207349 ABSTRACT Cyanobacterial blooms (see the figure) present health risks worldwide for humans […]

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William Laurance “Amplify Your Voice” Podcasts Now Available

William Laurance “Amplify Your Voice” podcasts now available. The Environment Institute hosted Distinguished Professor William Laurance in Adelaide between 29-31 March. William Laurance is a leading conservation biologist who has worked internationally on numerous high-profile threats to tropical forests—in the Amazon, Central America, Africa, and Australasia. A highly prolific scientist, to date he has published […]

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Listen to a podcast of Sam Wells sharing his thoughts on envisioning a sustainable future… Everywhere we look these days, we are confronted by challenges to global sustainability – climate change, water shortage, food shortage, community fragmentation, poverty, species extinction, deforestation…the list goes on. Many people are concerned, but it’s clear that our collective response […]

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