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Our experts refute River Murray estuary claims

A team of scientists, led by the University of Adelaide’s Associate Professor John Tibby, has confirmed that the lower River Murray was not an estuary in the mid-Holocene period (more than 7000 years ago) – reinforcing scientific evidence likely to influence important river management policy decisions. Their new paper, published in the Nature journal Scientific […]

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555 million-year-old fossils reveal early feeding strategies

An international team of researchers has shed light on the feeding mode of Pentaradial Arkarua, a strange, alien-like creature. This creature inhabited tropical, shallow waters covering the Flinders Ranges of South Australia 555 million years ago according to the collaborative team involving South Australian Museum and Environment Institute’s Associate Professor Diego C. García-Bellido, several European institutions. Their […]

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7000 years of drought and rainfall found in preserved leaves

A study by University of Adelaide researchers and Queensland Government scientists has revealed what south-east Queensland’s rainfall was like over the last 7000 years – including several severe droughts worse and longer lasting than the 12-year Millennium Drought. The study – published in Scientific Reports – used preserved paper-bark tea tree leaves from North Stradbroke Island’s Swallow […]

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