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PODCAST: Water: too much, too little, too dirty

Water is finally back on the global table after 46 years of not being discussed at a global scale conference.  Conservation, salinity, pricing, agriculture, cultural use – the list goes on.  Is the subject of ‘water rights’ at risk of getting lost in an endless talk fest?  Where do we start when trying to come […]

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Water, Water everywhere but not a drop to drink

This was the predicament facing the sailor in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner after becoming becalmed at sea and running out of drinking water.  But do we face an analogous predicament today with water resources running scarce, and if so how do we best conserve this most precious item? Lets break the issues down […]

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Optimising the flow

With climate change threatening to double the number of people experiencing water stress globally by 20501, competition for water allocations will become extreme. To maintain equity—and the social and economic stability that comes with it— best practice water markets will be critical; and University of Adelaide research is contributing significantly to improving their governance. The […]

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Key Murray-Darling water sites identified.

This week the Murray-Darling Basin Authority identified the key wetlands and ecosystems which will be made a priority for water. Identification of these key environmental assets in the Murray-Darling Basin forms part of a new basin-wide plan to manage sustainably the surface and groundwater resources in the basin. “The Authority would use the environmental water […]

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