EU Centre Visiting Fellow Professor L. Alan Winters on Brexit


On Wednesday 15 March 2017, Professor Alan Winters continued his series of talks across Australia and gave a public seminar at the University of Melbourne. The seminar was organised in collaboration with the EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges in Melbourne.

Professor Winters’ presentation can be downloaded HERE. Listen to the public seminar podcast HERE.



Prof Alan Winters at the University of Melbourne


On 16 March Professor Winters delivered the annual Harcourt Lecture organised by the School of Economics at The University of Adelaide. Watch video of the lecture HERE.


From left to right: Prof Alan Winters, Prof Geoff Harcourt and Prof Gareth Myles, Head – School of Economics

The public events with Professor Alan Winters brought together guests from academia, government, business and the wider community across Australia. This series of talks and discussions provided a great forum for raising awareness and developing a better understanding of Brexit and the associated trade and policy implications for the UK, the EU and the world in the light of the most recent analysis and political developments.

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