“My EU” Film Competition – First Winner

The EU Centre for Global Affairs announces its first “My EU” Film Competition winner – Jayden Betterman of Sacred Heart College Middle School.

Jayden shared his mother’s migration story from Poland to Adelaide. Among other things the film mentioned the Pennington Migration Hostel, the longest running of South Australia’s Migration hostels. Such stories form an important part of the story of South Australia and its connections to Europe. Watch the film HERE.

The EU Centre for Global Affairs has designed and developed the idea of “My EU” Film Competition as part of its Primary School Cultural Outreach activities. Students in the primary years 4–7 in South Australian Schools were invited to enter a competition and to:

  • Interview a family member or friend from Europe living in South Australia, and bring that person’s story to life, including those of British heritage, or
  • Describe the EU itself and how it benefits members. This may include benefits to Britain which is still currently part of the EU, or
  • Portray a future in which the student/s themselves are living in a European EU country, or
  • Create other imaginative EU depictions.

Students could elect to enter a storyboard, poster or other medium for the competition, such as a script of an interview with someone from Europe living in South Australia. Prizes for a winner and a runner up were provided as part of the competition. Entries are judged by a panel from the EU Centre for Global Affairs and the Children’s University at The University of Adelaide.

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