EU Studies Association Asia Pacific Conference and Postgraduate Workshop 2017


The European Union Studies Association Asia Pacific (EUSAAP) welcomed scholars, professionals, and postgraduates to Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo to take part in a Conference and Postgraduate Workshop “The Roles of the EU and the Asia Pacific in the Global Era Politics, International Relations, Economics and Law” that took place during 1-2 July 2017.

The conference was designed to allow for an analysis and discussion of the diverse, and often unique, range of contexts and situations the EU faces, while the postgraduate workshop provided a space for Masters and PhD students to present their findings, receive feedback from academic peers, and build connections.

A programme for the conference and workshop can be found HERE. Director of the EU Centre for Global Affairs, Jane Drake-Brockman, delivered a presentation on the role of Australasian and EU business advocacy in launching the Trade in Services Agreement negotiations.

Additionally, the EU Centre for Global Affairs offered Kechen Dong, a PhD candidate representing the University of Adelaide, a valuable learning opportunity to attend the postgraduate workshop. Kechen is researching international business, and delivered a presentation on Learning and Fear of Failure in International Opportunity Evaluation for European Markets by SME owners in China. Here is her learning blog:


“This is definitely an incredible learning opportunity for me, both for broadening the depth and scope of my research knowledge as well as inspiring me for pursuing the future academic career. First, EUSAAP workshop and conference cultivates a fruitful academic discussion and a productive research communication aiming at gaining an in-depth understanding of EU from multi-perspectives, including politics, International Relationships, Economics and Law. Previously I focused on studying EU from a perspective of international business and trade particularly. My participation in EUSAAP 2017 equipped me with a more comprehensive understanding of EU about its ‘past, current and future’. A promising research potential of EU studies inspired me to move forward in pursuing my future academic career.”

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“Also, EUSAAP serves as a friendly academic platform to gain mutual understanding and future research cooperation among scholars from multicultural backgrounds. It gathers top scholars and research students from top universities in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong and Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Thailand. I’m delighted to talk about my study with other academics and interact with other peer students because I not only gain an insight of their research but also make friends with each other.”

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“In summary, I appreciate this previous learning opportunity. I have a great passion for joining future events by the EU Centre for Global Affairs. I hope my learning experience from participating EUSAAP Conference and Workshop will motivate more and more students to understand EU, research EU and promote EU.”

The EU Centre for Global Affairs would like to thank the European Union Studies Association Asia Pacific for the organisation and invitation to the event, Aoyama Gakuin University for providing the venue, Ms Kechen Dong for representing the University of Adelaide, and all else involved.

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