EU Centre High Schools Outreach: Glenunga International High School

On the 7th of August, the EU Centre for Global Affairs intern and Advanced Economics student at the University of Adelaide, Robert Monterosso, delivered a presentation to sixty International Baccalaureate year 12 students studying economics at Glenunga International High School. The presentation, modelled on to represent a university lecture, discussed the economics of the Euro, the problems Eurozone countries are facing, and two sets of solutions offered by world-renowned economist Joseph Stiglitz, and the European Commission in their White Paper on the Future of Europe. A portion of the presentation was dedicated to giving students an idea of what studying economics at the University of Adelaide entails.

Students were engaged throughout the presentation, asking questions and responding eagerly to the presenter. The event was capped off by an interactive discussion, modelled on a university tutorial, in which students organised themselves into small groups and discussed the material, before voicing ideas to the wider audience. The students showed strong analytical and problem-solving skills, which led to a thought-provoking and enjoyable experience for all involved. The presentation can be downloaded HERE.

The EU Centre for Global Affairs would like to thank Glenunga International High School and economics teachers Richard Baum and Marie Carter for helping to arrange the event.

Photo 1

Left: EU Centre for Global Affairs intern, Robert Monterosso. Right: Richard Baum, IB Economics Teacher at Glenunga International High School

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