EU Centre Study Tour 2017

To deepen the bilateral relationship between the EU and Australia, and to celebrate 60 years since the Treaty of Rome was signed, the EU Centre for Global Affairs will conduct a two-week Study Tour to the EU during the upcoming September mid-semester teaching break. The study tour is led by Professor Richard Pomfret, Jean Monnet Chair of the Economics of European Integration and Professor of Economics, The University of Adelaide.

Eight undergraduate students of The University of Adelaide have been specially selected to immerse themselves in a facilitated cross-disciplinary field study of the European integration project. The students receive EU Centre sponsorship to fly to Brussels on Monday 18 September, returning to Adelaide, after a visit also to Paris, on Sunday 1 October.

With EU/Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations around the corner, it is now, more than ever, important for members of the Australian community to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the origins, evolution, and challenges facing the European Union. The participating students will meet academics, professionals and other students, and visit a variety of EU institutions, expanding their knowledge of the EU’s history and future and relationship with Australia.

Participating students will reflect on their experiences through the EU Centre for Global Affairs blog. So watch this space! The students are also expected to assist in addressing Adelaide high school and primary school audiences on their return.

The student response to the call for applications was overwhelming. Over 160 students expressed interest and 50 students submitted formal applications following announcement of the selection criteria. After a comprehensive two-stage selection process, including a personal interview, the following students have been successful.

  • Sofia Valero, Economics (Advanced) / Law, Year 3
  • Madison Terrell, Economics (Advanced) / Law, Year 2
  • Benjamin Pascoe-Purvis, Economics (Advanced), Year 3
  • Griffith Blewett, Economics (Advanced), Year 2
  • Robert Monterosso, Economics (Advanced), Year 2
  • Leighton McDonald-Stuart, Law / International Studies, Year 4
  • Maddison Briggs, Law / International Studies, Year 3
  • Karen Seeley, Media and Arts, Year 2

Congratulations to the successful team of emerging EU Centre ambassadors.

But a sincere thankyou to all the students involved in this process, for their demonstrated interest, and their devotion of time and effort. The student body at The University of Adelaide has again demonstrated its remarkable breadth of talent and depth of expertise – congratulations are due to everyone who gave this process a go.

A special thankyou to Dr Benito Cao, Senior Lecturer, Politics and International Studies, School of Social Sciences, for providing essential input and support to facilitate effective cross-Faculty collaboration. Thankyou also to the EU Delegation to Australia for invaluable input on the design and content of this study tour. The student group will be accompanied throughout their programme by Ms Alia Papageorgiou.

Jane Drake-Brockman,
Director, EU Centre for Global Affairs

Photo 1

From left to right: Maddison Briggs, Sofia Valero, Robert Monterosso, Benjamin Pascoe-Purvis, Madison Terrell, Dr Benito Cao, Griffith Blewett, Leighton McDonald-Stuart, Jane Drake-Brockman, Karen Seeley

Photo 2

From left to right: Jane Drake-Brockman, Professor Richard Pomfret, Dr Benito Cao, Benjamin Pascoe-Purvis, Sofia Valero, Madison Terrell, Karen Seeley, Robert Monterosso, Leighton McDonald-Stuart, Maddison Briggs, Professor Christopher Findlay, Executive Dean, Faculty of The Professions; Professor Pascale Quester, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic)

Photo 3

Professor Pascale Quester is briefing the students

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