EU Study Tour – Day 5 – A Day in Transit | Brussels to Paris

Saturday 23 September 2017

By Sofia Valero

After a slow start on a Saturday morning in Brussels, a few coffees, and yet another delicious breakfast, our bags were packed and ready to go. We had the morning free to venture into the centre of town for some shopping. After a visit (or two) to Zara, a quick stop at the supermarket and one last coffee, we were ready to catch the metro to the train station. It’s day five and the group has mastered jumping from metro to metro… Almost. It is safe to say that the group was amazed by just how easy it is to move between countries in Europe. In only 90 minutes we had crossed the border between Belgium and France. How odd it is that it takes some of us longer to get to Adelaide University from our homes.

We arrived at our youth hostel, dropped our bags and explored the area. After only a two minute early evening walk from the hostel, we found ourselves at the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Day 5 Photo 1   Day 5 Photo 2

We were then met by William Haines, Research Assistant in the Department of Economics at the Ecole Polytechnique who generously took us out for an aperitif at “L’Esmerelda”, by the Seine River.

Day 5 Photo 3

We watched the world go by, but we soon grew hungry, and so we went in search of our next meal. Snails, frogs legs and onion soup were all ordered (and loved).

Day 5 Photo 4   Day 5 Photo 5

The city was still buzzing after dinner. We wandered the streets and walked along the Seine river, and with the Eiffel Tower in sight peeking over the buildings, we knew we were in Paris. A surprise trip to visit the Louvre Museum at night was the cherry on top, so to speak.

Day 5 Photo 6

What a stunning welcome to an incredible city!

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