An evening with Anna Goldsworthy – From Baroque to Impressionist

It was standing room only at the EU Centre for Global Affairs’ 2017 Concert held on Wednesday 13th September in Adelaide.  Renowned South Australian pianist and author,  Dr Anna Goldsworthy stunned the audience with remarkable performances of varied European compositions from Bach, Schubert, Liszt and Ravel.   Anna Goldsworthy captivated the audience, not only with her musical performance but also with analytical explanations of the composers and their compositions,  really telling the story of the music, and sharing rare insights into the frame of mind of the composers at the time.  The full program can be downloaded here – From Baroque to Impressionist Program

Professor Nicholas Jose, Professor of English and Creative Writing at The University of Adelaide and member of the Advisory Board of the EU Centre for Global Affairs, introduced the evening with opening remarks centred on the enduring role of the piano as a device for disseminating European culture.  Professor Jose observed:

“The piano is in many ways the original device. Before the wireless and the gramophone, the CD, the smart phone or the tablet, it was the piano that allowed music to be disseminated worldwide, including to Australia where pianos could take the latest song or even a grand opera into people’s far-flung homes, as we see in Liszt’s paraphrase of Verdi’s Rigoletto that Anna Goldsworthy plays so brilliantly. Pianos not only brought music to Adelaide, they brought people, such as Eleonora Sivan, Anna’s early teacher. ‘Liszt taught the teacher of her teacher’s teacher,’ writes Anna in her book ‘Piano Lessons’. Learning from her, Anna joined ‘the Liszt list. It sat well with the grand narrative I had in mind for my life’. That grand narrative is one we all enter when we start learning to play the piano, at any stage of life, but particularly as children. Being in the ‘piano workshop and store’ of Joe and Eloise Leaver’s Mobile Piano Service is a wonderful experience that reminds us of where it all came from but also where it all can go.”

In addition to the fine music, an array of Spanish and Italian wines was served, accompanied by delicious cheeses provided by Bottega Rottolo Food & Wine.

Please enjoy the photos of the evening.

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