A Conversation: Human to Human Engagement Strategies – Wednesday, 31 May 2017 from 4.30-6pm

We welcome you to join us in the Leadership Lab where we will look at effective engagement strategies, specifically the Human to Human Engagement Model – identifying interactions that get the best out of people, alignment among decision makers and engagement of the organisation.

Led by Pete Madsen, a highly experienced project management and transformation practitioner who has worked with a range of high profile organisations, Pete will share his tools and techniques for effective human engagement, vital to achieving great business solutions.

This workshop touches on essential skills if you require buy-in outside your normal sphere of influence or are undertaking an activity critical to the organisation.It will challenge and assist your thinking whether you are experienced leader, or just embarking on your first major project. It will help you improve results for your project, operational processes, or organisational transformation.

The workshop focuses on engagement strategies and human interactions. All businesses come down to a complex combination of human decisions and activities (along with tools and systems) to provide products and/or services. Join us to learn how to effectively engage in your organisation.

For further information about Pete or to register please click here.

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