PeopleSoft Communication Update – Duplicate Vouchers

An important aspect of Accounts Payable is ensuring that duplicate payments do not occur.  Effective Monday 17th September, an additional control has been implemented to minimise the risks of duplicating voucher payments.  The configuration in the Finance system has been updated to automatically report an error message on any new vouchers that match all the following fields on any other vouchers created after July 2011 (i.e. after the upgrade to version 9 of the Finance System):

  • Voucher Style (e.g. Regular, Register etc);
  • Vendor ID;
  • Invoice ID; and
  • Gross voucher $ amount.

Vouchers flagged as possible duplicates can still be saved but they cannot be budget checked, submitted for approval or posted in the Accounts Payable module until there is no longer a match across the fields listed above.  Users need to conduct their own investigations as to whether a voucher is a duplicate.  Please refer to the guidelines for further information.


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