PeopleSoft Communication Update – Purchase Orders

This information is relevant to all staff who raise and approve Purchase Orders (PO). 

Changing a PO after submitting for approval

Changes to the quantity or price to any line or manually budget checking the PO or using the View Printable Order link, will cause the approval paths for all lines to reset from that point onwards i.e. revert back to a pending status. The user who makes these changes (either creator or approver) will then have to rebuild the approval path from that point onwards. Any previous approvals, will only be viewable in the approval history. Changes to a PO after the final approval is not permitted.

Putting a PO on hold (from further processing option)

Please note that the “hold from further processing option” stops all processing on the PO, including;

  • Budget Checking
  • PO Approval
  • Despatch

TIP: If you do need to put a PO on hold, build the workflow approval path after you have removed the hold. The action of removing the hold, requires the workflow path to be rebuilt.

Dispatch of PO’s

The preferred process for dispatch of PO’s is the automated email process which is the default for all PO’s. Where it is decided within a local area to send a PO to a vendor manually e.g. by fax, the PO must be approved in the system first. Sending an unauthorised PO may result in unauthorised purchases and duplicated orders.

Any questions?  Please refer them to the Financial Systems Support Desk.

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