2013 Budget Approved

Council has approved the University of Adelaide’s 2013 Budget at its December meeting.

The document is now online and available for UoA staff to view.  The budget was built utilising the new Gross Surplus model, delivering enhanced ownership and transparency.  Highlights of the approved 2013 Budget include:

  • Budgeted revenue to increase by $15M above 2012 Forecast due predominately to increase in Student Revenue ($32M) and an offsetting reduction in Other revenue ($21M) brought about through once off revenue received in the 2012 Forecast.  Research revenue has been budgeted to increase 2.7M or 1.6% over the 2012 Forecast.
  • The Budget has approved significant investment in Infrastructure for 2013.  The Infrastructure Investment Plan within the 2013 Budget includes projects totalling $141M, with cash expenditure of $120.4M required in 2013. Key items include completion of The Braggs and Equine Health Centre as well as a $23M provision for initial funding for the West End Precinct development.

Further detailed commentary is provided within the document.

The Budget Document has been enhanced through the UFPM Process to improve transparency and information provided. Thank you to all who were invovled in providing commenatary for the document. Any further feedback on the Budget Document is welcome and can be provided via the feedback form or directly to the UFPM Team.

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