Changes to T&E Online

From Wednesday 9th January 2013, you will notice some changes in T&E Online. All the changes can be found in more detail on the Financial Services Website under > Corporate Credit Cards/Travel > T&E Review 2012/13.

In summary the changes are;

  • New Travel requisition – in line with user recommendations International and Domestic Travel Requisitions have been streamlined onto one page and the declarations have moved to the top 
  • Navigation change – the link to create a travel requisition is now located on the Main Menu
  • Cosmetic changes – as user aids where possible, links to forms have been added and help text and wording have been simplified
  • Emails – wording has been changed to provide consistency and include a link directly to the EMS log on page.

Changes to Private Travel & FBT

The format of the travel diary has changed slightly to follow the ATO’s (Australian Taxation Office) guidelines of better record keeping. You will notice that the “Amount spent” and “Amount Claimed” columns have been replaced by “Business or Private”. Travellers only need to enter the number of business and private days as per the activities conducted during the travel. Refer to the FBT & Private Travel Guidelines for guidance.

Private Travel & FBT Guidelines – The University has received a ruling from the ATO about Private Travel and Fringe Benefits Tax liability. Anyone travelling on behalf of the University considering incorporating private travel as part of their trip are strongly advised to read the guidelines and FAQ’s available on the Private Travel & FBT webpage. There is also an FBT & Private Travel Calculator to help determine if FBT is applicable.

 Visit the T&E Review webpage for more details.

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