eCommerce at The University of Adelaide

During 2012, an assessment of the current state of eCommerce at the University of Adelaide was conducted. It was found that demand for eCommerce facilities was high but there was no University wide approach for providing this service.

In December 2012, the University ICT (Information, Communications & Technology) Investment Committee approved the business case and funding for a 2013 eCommerce program. The program objectives are to;

  1. Significantly increase the use of online payment for goods and services
  2. Save staff and student time
  3. Enhance the University’s online platform capability

The project will deliver eCommerce solutions for venue ticketing, online stores, conference booking for Faculties, print and web top ups for students and much more. For further information on the eCommerce Project, visit the eCommerce web page.

LATEST UPDATE – The first phase of the project has gone live!  Elder Hall tickets can now be purchased online via their website:  In the first week and a half 1200 tickets have been purchased, with credit card payments accounting for 80% of sales.


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