Travel Safety – does the University know where you are?

When travelling on behalf of the University, does the University know where you are?  Are your travel details in the University’s travel tracker system?

The University has a duty of care to ensure the health, safety and well being of staff and students while undertaking University business whether on campus, in the field or on University business nationally or internationally.  In the event of an emergency such as the recent bombings in Boston, the University (HSW) need to know if any staff or students are in the area and make contact in case assistance is required.  To do this, the University has engaged the services of Customer Care which provide:

  • An online tool called Travel Tracker that enables the University (HSW) to quickly determine the location and contact details of University travellers.  Information is fed into the Travel Tracker when bookings are made through the University’s three travel management companies.
  • Updates on health and security situations across the globe by email or text message
  • Email advice to travellers including immunisations, local customs and laws (note: the emails are from red24 Customer Services)

Please note that Customer Care is not the University’s insurance provider. Travellers needing emergency assistance (as opposed to travel advice) should contact ACE Emergency Assistance.  For more information on the University’s Travel Insurance go to the Legal & Risk website.

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