PCI Update

Since the release of the PCI DSS Compliance Guidelines (which was established and tailored for the University of Adelaide and circulated in January 2013), the PCI project team has attended Finance meetings for all business areas.  Attending these meetings has provided the PCI team with the opportunity to create awareness and introduce the Compliance Guidelines.

The PCI team has also visited some targeted high risk areas and introduced new or revised card handling processes to ensure compliance guidelines are being followed.

The e-commerce team has progressed and successfully implemented the first stage of their project, an online event booking and ticketing service.  Upon review of the business area affected by this implementation, the customer satisfaction, the benefits gained and the reduction of risk associated with credit card handling is significant.  The PCI team then worked with the business area to enhance card handling processes in order to ensure PCI DSS compliance guidelines are being followed.

The PCI project team has now commenced the second wave of site visits to review and assess how PCI DSS Guidelines can be applied to improve current business processes.  These visits will provide an opportunity for business areas to find out more about PCI DSS guidelines and how it affects their business environment.  Business areas will be encouraged to review current business process and work towards reaching PCI DSS compliance where possible.

If you have any questions about PCI DSS Compliance, refer to the PCI web page or contact Leena Brij on ext. 30088.

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