T&E Online – how and when to print your monthly statements

If you have used your Travel & Entertainment corporate credit card over the last month, you will shortly receive an email from the Card Administrator notifying you that the “statement period has closed”.  Cardholders (and nominees) will receive this email around the 7th day of the following month.  It’s important that statements are not printed before this email has been received.  If you print your statement at the end of the calendar month, there may be transactions pending and your statement will not be complete.

To print your monthly statement report:

  • Wait until you receive the “Statement Period Closed” email from the UoA Card Administrator
  • Acquit any outstanding transactions
  • Print and sign your statement
  • Attach your receipts
  • Put the statement into the yellow envelope (so the cardholder details are visible in the window)
  • Send to Corporate Credit Card and Travel Services

Please remember “one statement, per person, per envelope” as all the statements are filed in alphabetical order in their envelopes, so it’s important that the cardholder details are clearly visible through the window.

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