International Travel – estimate v quote

Prior to submitting an international travel requistion for approval, you will firstly need an estimated cost for your trip.  Once you’ve completed your requisition and forwarded this to a Travel Management Company (TMC) they will respond (usually within 1 hour) with an estimate based on a mid range airfare, 4 star hotel rate and a medium size car (if applicable).  This estimate is provided only for the purposes of submitting the travel requisition for approval.  Once your travel requisition is approved, the TMC you selected will book your travel on the cheapest fare of the day based on destination and preferred intinerary. 

In some cases, a detailed travel itinerary and quote is required and the University has negotiated arrangements with the TMC’s to provide this upon request.  As preparation of these detailed itineraries requires the TMC to tentatively make a booking and invest significant effort (with no guarantee that the booking will proceed), the TMC will apply a service fee which is only charged should the booking not be subsequently made.

For further information on cost estimates and quotes, including fees and charges, refer to the fact sheets on the T&E training page.

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