Changes to Registered Voucher Creation

With effect from 5pm Monday 5th May 2014, the process to create registered vouchers will be modified to address compliance issues in the University’s Financial System Accounts Payable Module.

The 3 changes are as follows:

1. All registered vouchers created in the STAST and REQST accounts payable business unit will be required to have supporting documentation (e.g. an invoice) attached to the voucher before it can be work flowed for approval. If there is no attachment, the user will receive the following error message: Supporting documentation is required. Please Note: You will not be able to approve this voucher until relevant supporting documentation has been attached. To correct this error please attach the supporting documentation to the registered voucher via the attachment hyperlink on the invoice tab.

2. Users attempting to save and workflow a voucher using the default voucher creation expense account code 2817, will receive the following error message: Please review the account codes in this voucher. Voucher cannot be submitted or approved. The account code 2817 needs to be modified to another account as it is used for voucher registration purposes only and not to be used as an expense code on a registered voucher.

3. The payment terms on a registered voucher can no longer be modified, any requests for changes need to be forwarded to the Manager, Financial Operations.

If you have any issues or concerns regarding these changes, contact Accounts Payable via e-mail or on 8313 7898.

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