Strategic Procurement at the UoA

In support of the initiatives within the Beacon, we are pleased to formally announce the appointment of Jamie Dunnicliff to the new position of Strategic Procurement Transformation Manager and Magda Hebert to the role of Strategic Procurement Business Analyst.  Both Jamie & Magda bring their own unique skill sets and University of Adelaide experience to the Strategic Procurement Team.

Jamie has moved across from his role as Manager, Financial Operations and Magda from the Services & Resources Team, both positions are pivotal to the success of the team and ongoing Procurement initiatives.  Whist Magda is on maternity leave, Lauren Beare is filling the BA role.  Lauren has extensive project management and business analyst skills and a valuable contributor to the team.  Linda Raison continues in her role as Projects Officer to support the team in ongoing projects and administration.

The University’s Travel Management and Corporate Credit Card Program now falls under the remit of Strategic Procurement, with Jenny Sexton and Nita Natt now reporting to Mike Tylor Associate Director, Strategic Procurement. 

The whole team has a busy few months ahead as they move towards the transformation aspects of the function.  To support the ongoing Procurement objectives, the team has implemented Strategic Procurement Procedures to assist with the day to day functions of Procurement and these can be accessed via the Strategic Procurement website.

More updates will be available as the team negotiates new supplier agreements and move deeper into the transformation program.

For further information on Strategic Procurement go to the recently updated website.  Feedback or questions are welcome to


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